All-Texas News | Transgender Women

Anti-trans restroom bill targeting trans women announced for 2017
  • SB 6 (also called the “Women’s Privacy Act”) would criminalize the use of women’s restrooms by trans women, similar to the controversial HB2 bill in North Carolina that legislators failed to repeal and has cost the state more than $395 million in business.
  • The bill makes no stipulations as to restroom usage by trans men because, according to Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, “men can defend themselves.”
  • The Texas Association of Business condemned the proposed legislation, citing the increase in pro-inclusion attitudes and potential damage of up to $8.5 billion to the Texas economy.

Lt. Governor Patrick Announces Top Ten Legislative Priorities (Office of the Lieutenant Governor, November 2016)
New Transphobic ‘Bathroom Bill’ Targets Trans Women but Not Trans Men” (Broadly)
Texas Republicans dismiss business fears over anti-LGBTI legislation” (Gay Star News)


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