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North Texas News | Black

Newly released dashcam footage shows Ft. Worth police officer shooting man in back, contradicting earlier claims
  • The incident took place in July as officers responded to a report of an armed robbery in an apartment complex.
  • David Collie was shot in the back while walking away from the officers, who claimed he appeared to be armed and fit the description of one of the robbery suspects despite Collie being significantly shorter and thinner than the suspects.
  • Collie is paralyzed from the waist down as a result of the encounter, and the officers returned to duty after a few days of internal investigation that found no wrongdoing on their part.


Source: TheWFirm YouTube

Local coverage:
Man Paralyzed After Being Shot in His Back by Fort Worth Police: Lawyer” (NBC 5 | December 2016)
Video released in FW police shooting that left man paralyzed” (Fox 4 | December 2016)
Dash Cam Video Appears To Show FW Officer Shoot Man In Back” (CBS 11 | December 2016)
Attorney: Viral video not an isolated incident among Fort Worth cops” (The Fort Worth Star-Telegram | December 2016)

National coverage:
New Video Casts Doubt on Police Account of Shooting of Black Man Left Paralyzed” (NBC News | December 2016)
Police say a black man was shot after pulling a blade on officers. A new video raises doubts.” (The Washington Post | December 2016)
KING: Chilling details emerge after Texas police shoot black man in the back, paralyzing him” (The New York Daily News | December 2016)


Central Texas News | Drag/Queer

Two drag performers physically assaulted in Austin
  • The performers—Robbie “Serotonin” Foster and an unidentified friend—were attacked as they left BarGayz, a weekly queer-oriented dance night at the downtown bar Barbarella.
  • Police reported that a car pulled up beside the two and an unidentified person got out and attacked them, including breaking one of their legs with the car as the assailant drove away.
  • As of December 30th, the attacker remains at large, and police have not yet indicated if they are pursuing hate crime charges.

Drag performers attacked after leaving bar near Sixth Street” (KXAN | December 2016)

Benefit for Serotonin and Nicholas (Facebook)
Help Serotonin’s Recovery (GoFundMe)

Transgender people hit hard by violence, depression and poverty, survey finds” (The Dallas Morning News | December 2016)
APD teaming up to launch LGBT safety initiative” (KVUE | April 2016)

(Image Credit: via GoFundMe)

All-Texas Feature | Undocumented Migrants & Asylum-Seekers

The Growing Humanitarian Disaster of the Detention-Industrial Complex

Accounting for nearly a third of federally detained migrants and nearly half of detained asylum-seekers, the nearly two-dozen immigration detention centers that dot the Texas landscape have come under increasing scrutiny for human rights infringements, including indefinite detention, malnourishment, medical negligence, and legal counsel inaccessibility. Through the eyes of a detainee, The Texas Observer traces the human realities of an ever-expanding detention regime focused on mass incarceration over the humanitarian treatment of asylum-seekers. The first installment of its series on federal detention centers colors this sketch with data on the ballooning detention industrial complex, from the growth of for-profit incarceration to the exploding public budgets for detention administration.

‘Even the Birds and Animals Are Free’” (The Texas Observer | December 2016)
America Under Detention” (A Texas Observer series)

Detention Facility Locator (U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement)

(Image Credit: Jen Reel/The Texas Observer)