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Rio Grande Project | Undocumented Migrants

I Have a Name / Yo Tengo Nombre

In 2012, Texas surpassed Arizona to become the deadliest state for border-crossings, with 271 migrants having died attempting to circumvent border patrol checkpoints in search of a new life. Many die without the type of documentation that allows for easy identification, leaving, in the best of circumstances, forensic experts to attempt to suss out identities or, in the worst, migrants left unidentified and with their remains mishandled and forgotten. The Texas Observer has launched a project working with photographers and forensic professionals to build a database of the unidentified through photographed objects and physiological notes to try and reconcile these remainders with the human lives to which they once belonged.


I Have a Name / Yo Tengo Nombre


Introducing ‘I Have a Name/Yo Tengo Nombre’” (The Texas Observer | December 2016)
Beyond the border” (The Texas Observer + The Guardian | August 2014)

(Image Credit: via I Have a Name/Yo Tengo Nombre)